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Press Release

Bluetronix Wins PTAC "Regional Star" Award for Ohio

For Immediate Release

January 30, 2004 -

Newark, OH- Ohio’s Department of Development Director and Lieutenant Gov. Bruce Johnson presented Bluetronix with the Northeast Ohio PTAC’s 2004 “Regional State of Ohio Star” award for excellence in government partnership and contracting. Recently Bluetronix earned over $1,100,000 in funding from the Defense Department to develop intelligent routing solutions for battlefield use over the last several years. This technology employs “Swarm Intelligence," a design framework based on social insect behavior such as ants and how they find food and intercommunicate. Mobile wireless networks using the technology Bluetronix has developed offers significant advantages over current schemes such as great flexibility, better reliability through enhanced redundancy, lower cost of deployment and usage and the unique capability to connect possibly millions of wireless computers or devices. Bluetronix is developing unique swarm modules currently for commercialization.

PTAC, Ohio’s non profit procurement technical assistance centers, help Ohio's minority, small and disadvantaged businesses sell to local, state and federal governments. In addition to services like marketing, one-on-one training and help with information resources, the Ohio PTA Centers offer: bid-matching services, product and procurement histories, military specifications, and trade events where Ohio firms can meet government buyers. PTAC’s experienced personnel assisted Bluetronix in 2004, are essential to the success of small companies entering the world Government contracting.

Bluetronix Inc. focuses on research, design and commercialization of intelligent computing, Swarm Intelligence, MEMS and internetworking technologies for wireless communications, intelligent controls, and supply chain management. “Through both hardware and software development and integration, Bluetronix looks to bring unique technologies to product formats for a better and safer world, and more empowered military forces” says company President Mark J Heiferling. Bluetronix is located on the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio.

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White papers on our products and technologies are available upon request. E-mail us at innovation@bluetronix.net or call 440.247.3434.

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