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RFID Applications
RFID tags are in a sense electronic barcodes, and Bluetronix looks to take them to a whole new level by networking these RF tags into a mobile ad hoc network with bluetronix's swarm intelligence algorithms. Today RF tags are easily attached, often of negligible weight and bulk, and offer many benefits for business, manufacturing, and tracking processes. Eventually, these RF tags could talk to each other, distribute their limited computing power, and possibly even enable materials or packages to intelligently route themselves for increased efficiency.

These systems' benefits are best understood in a full-system context, because isolated tags—such as scanners at the doors of retail stores—have limited uses until they connect to enterprise databases. Some currently used applications include:

  • Access control: RFID tags embedded into personal ID cards.
  • Baggage ID: Passive tags embedded in paper luggage tags.
  • Automotive systems: Keyless entry and immobilization systems.
  • Document tracking: Passive tags affixed to documents.
  • Express-parcel tracking: FedEx tags drivers and packages for various purposes.
  • Library checkout and check-in: Passive tags in books.
  • Livestock or pet tracking: Tags injected into pets, aiding recovery when they are lost.
  • Logistics and supply chain: Container and product tracking.
  • Wireless commerce: Speedpass and E-ZPass pay tolls and gasoline purchases.

Yet the challenges of scalability, high cost of deployment, and prioritization and management of data remain before wide scale integration RFID technology can take place. Bluetronix is working to ameliorating these barriers.

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