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Machine 2 Machine
M2M communication is the data flow among people, devices, and systems. The data will be interpreted as information for remote control and monitoring. Three basic elements for M2M are:

  • Embedded Processor for storing data
  • Communication Technology for transfer of data
  • Management Applications for monitoring and control

M2M stands for machine-to-machine, mobile-to-machine, or man-to-machine communication. Generally stated, M2M is the connection and communication among all aspects of the physical enterprise: knowledge workers, business applications, and remotely dispersed assets and equipment.

More specifically, M2M refers to the combination of machine connectivity, communications, and information technology needed to connect machines–or assets–to applications. As such, M2M is a tool to improve business processes, monitor business assets, and/or generate new revenue.

A machine can be defined as anything with mechanical, electrical, electronic, or environmental properties. Examples include manufacturing machinery, refrigeration systems, telecommunications equipment, server cabinets, data centers, HVAC systems, storage tanks, and security equipment. Industry-specific assets like utility equipment, natural gas compressors and pipelines, traffic management systems, and restaurant and convenience store equipment can also be considered machines in the context of M2M.

Moderm machines increasingly contain computers that stores information. They may also have inbuilt radios to transmit/retrieve information that helps efficient and safer automatic operation of home/industrial/business/medical processes. The information can important for operatior to act on it accordingly. Even if machines do not contain computers, they can be attached with sensor radio devices to provide physical information. Moreover, the devices may happen to be out of range of each other and there will be a need to route the information i.e. both point to point and point to multi-point communication is necessary for M2M. Bluetronix swarm technology provides complete solution for M2M with its innoviative and intelligent routing algorithm integrated into the radio devices.

It's now possible for your refrigerator to talk to your stove and your alarm system to your car, and you could control and run initial machines, systems all on one network? This is a new networking trend known as machine-to-machine, or M2M. M2M leverages wireless networking technologies like sensing and MANET to much wider applications leveraging also the internet. Bluetronix envisions so and is developing products in this area as showed in Figure below:


Fig. Bluetronix BlueStar modules in devices to provide M2M communication capability (Source M2M Easy)

Even though machine networking is still in an early phase, its impact can be impressive. With widespread availability of cheap computer chips combined with easily accessible wireless phone networks mean that no machine, no matter how lowly, need ever be lonely again. The advent of machine networking, also sometimes called "grid computing", eventually will change nearly every line of business.

A survey by San Francisco-based The FocalPoint Group found that more than two dozen M2M firms reported having 23 million devices linked by wireless networks in 2004. Those firms predict the huge growth in business everyyear. Market researcher has also predicted that in near future there may be as many machines communicating on wireless networks as people.

The consulting firm McKinsey & Co predicts that M2M communication will be a $US100 billion a year business by 2010.

The move is intended to be a disruptive technology that will remake many existing business models, he said.

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