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Ultra-Wide band Technology
Ultra-Wide band Technology transmits digital data over a wide spectrum of frequency bands with very low power. It can also transmit data at very high rates, key for wireless local area network applications. Within the power limit allowed under current FCC regulations, Ultra Wideband can not only carry huge amounts of data over a short distance at very low power, but also has the ability to carry signals through doors and other obstacles that tend to reflect signals at more limited bandwidths and a higher power. At higher power levels, UWB signals can travel to significantly greater ranges. Instead of traditional sine waves, ultra wideband radio broadcasts digital pulses that are timed very precisely on a signal across a very wide spectrum at the same time. Transmitter and receiver must be coordinated to send and receive pulses with an accuracy of trillionths of a second. Ultra wideband can also be used for very high- resolution radars and precision (sub-centimeter) radio location systems.

Compared with other technologies UWB technology allows an unprecedented amount of high-density bandwidth applications. UWB also allows this bandwidth without requiring assignment of a new frequency bandwidth, essentially "creating" a new band of spectrum in the noise floor. Finally, UWB has the potential to include added "sensory" information to radios, using the timing of pulses to include position and environmental awareness data through the communications network to very great accuracy.

Some of the applications of UWB Technology include:

  • Radar Applications: UWB technology has been used for some time in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) applications and is now being developed for new types of imaging systems that would enable police, fire, and rescue personnel to locate persons hidden behind a wall or under debris in crises or rescue situations. UWB imaging devices also could be used to improve the safety of the construction and home repair industries by locating steel reinforcement bars (i.e., re-bar) in concrete, or wall studs, electrical wiring and pipes hidden inside walls. UWB devices could improve automotive safety with collision avoidance systems and air bag proximity measurement for safe deployment. Potential medical uses include the development of a mattress-installed breathing monitor to guard against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and heart monitors that measure the heart's actual contractions. Some potential home safety uses include intrusion detection systems that are less susceptible to false alarms, and space heaters that turn themselves off when a child comes nearby.

  • Communications Applications: UWB devices can be used for a variety of communications applications involving the transmission of very high data rates over short distances without suffering the effects of multi-path interference. (Multipath is the propagation phenomenon that results in signals reaching the receiving antenna by two or more paths, usually due to reflections of the transmitted signal. The ability to time-gate the receiver would allow it to ignore signals arriving outside a prescribed time interval, such as signals due to multipath reflections.)

  • Positioning Applications: UWB devices can be used to measure both distance and position. UWB positioning systems could provide real time indoor and outdoor precision tracking for many applications. Some potential uses include locator beacons for emergency services and mobile inventory, personnel and asset tracking for increased safety and security, and precision navigation capabilities for vehicles and industrial and agricultural equipment.


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