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Swarm Autonomous Routing Algorithm
Bluetronix is developing novel MANET routing algorithms based on swarm intelligence. The technology is called SARA: Swarm Autonomous Routing Algorithm. In simulation, the algorithms have been shown to perform better than AODV, DSR, and LAR1 for networks containing a large number of nodes.

SwarmSim Demo
SwarmSim is a simulator developed by Bluetronix to test and demonstrate the functionality of its swarm intelligent routing technology. The SwarmSim demo is a simplified version of the simulator that allows the user to view the algorithm's performance for different network configurations.

System Requirements
The SwarmSim Demo runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.

Downloading SwarmSim Demo
If you are interested in downloading the SwarmSim Demo, send a request via email to You will be given a username and password with which you may download the demo. By downloading and using the software, you agree that you understand and acknowledge that the software is proprietary and the property of Bluetronix, Inc., and that the software may not be modified, duplicated, reverse-engineered, or redistributed without the express written permission of Bluetronix, Inc.

When you have obtained a username and password, you may download the software here.

Installing and Running

To install the SwarmSim demo, simply unzip the file into a folder. To start the demo, run the SwarmSim.exe executable. View the readme.rtf file included with the software for more information on the simulator.

For Further Information

For more information on SARA, SwarmSim, and related technologies, please contact Bluetronix.

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